alpine wines


Our wines are an expression of the season.  Each vintage may herald slightly different bottlings, and even wines that we tend to make every year will show variation from vintage to vintage.  This intrigues us.  We work in the field and cellar as minimally as possible, as guides and companions. We believe that terroir encompasses geology, geography, microclimate, varietal, culture, and the human hand.  Wine cannot make itself just like a dish of roasted carrots or an aged cow's milk cheese cannot.  Our job is to accompany and support the wine throughout its life in the vineyard and our cantina.  

Our fruit is handpicked and sorted, foot crushed through pigeage.  We employ glass demijohns and old barrels.  We hope some day to have an anfora and a cement egg or two.  We rely on the native yeast found on our fruit, the result of a happy marriage of field and fermentation.  We use little to no sulphite at bottling.  It depends on the wine and the season.

We do not have a set schedule for releasing each vintage.  Our wines release when we feel they are ready and that may differ for each bottling, each year.  Typically our petilliant naturel wines release any time from late spring through the winter of the following year after their vintage, and our still wines typically begin releasing late summer through the following new year.  Typically our wines release solo or in pairs, so there is something coming out just about every month or couple of months.  We currently make about fifteen different cuvees, including two solera-style ciders.  All wines are farmed by us and with domaine fruit. 

***Please note that we have wines in the marketplace that may no longer be available through the farm, and wines available only at the farm and no longer in the marketplace.  Please see stockists nearest you for inquiries about what might be available to you locally.

We currently do not have a license to ship wine, but you can order wine to be shipped from the stock available at Copake Wines in Copake, NY. {}.  Our wine shop at the homefarm is open at our pop-up wine bars, the supper club , or by appointment.



Ci Confonde petillant naturel White 2016 {IN RELEASE}

Ci Confonde petillant naturel Rose 2016 {IN RELEASE}

Ci Confonde petillant naturel Red 2016 {SOLD OUT}

Grace and Favour petillant naturel white 2016 {SOLD OUT}

House Music Homefarm vin de jardin 2016 {TO BE RELEASED}

Remix: B- Side, {featuring D. Heeking + E. Guillot} petillant naturel collaboration NV {TO BE RELEASED}

Cybele Champagne-method sparkling white 2013 {SOLD OUT}

Damejeanne 2016 {TO BE RELEASED}

Harlots and Ruffians white field blend 2016 {TO BE RELEASED}

Loups Garoux 2016 {TO BE RELEASED}

Lupo in Bocca rose field blend 2016: {SOLD OUT}

Vinu Jancu 2016 {TO BE RELEASED}

In A Dark Country Sky: Whole Cluster Red 2016{TO BE RELEASED}

Bouleverser Cidre Mousseux Vintage no. 1 {SOLD OUT}

Stolen Roses Cidre Mousseux Rose {fermented on red grape skins} Vintage no. 1 {SOLD OUT}


If you are interested in our wines, please inquire!  Just contact us through e-mail.