Currently, we are releasing our 2011 Vinu Jancu and Vergennes-Rouge.  In December, we will be offering our sparkling white and sparkling red to celebrate the holidays and the new year!  Wines are available at our restaurant osteria pane e salute and here at our tasting room.  Come see us at the osteria or here at the farm!

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Deirdre Heekin works organically in Vermont (a rarity for winegrapes),   She birthed this from the great Hurricane Irene vintage.  A stunning orange wine, so fresh and juicy, almost like a fruit tea.  It also put a great big smile on my face.  Take that, orange wine naysayers."
~Alice Feiring, The Feiring Line
      2011 Vinu Jancu

"The wine was a pale burnished peach color.  Honeyed aromas of spring blossoms wafted over nutty, yeasty notes with sherry-like oxidation.  Fully dry with great acidity, the wine had an enchanting texture and haunting flavor."

~Meg Houston Maker, Edible Green Mountains
2011 Vergennes-Rouge

"On its first night, the acidity was searing, but with some air, the wine turned into something truly spectacular and individual.  Ripe, prune, hot rose petal jam, riveting leathery nose.  Like Nebbiolo--from Mars.
~Alice Feiring,
              The Feiring Line
"Limpid berry pink with a fuschia rim, it yielded aromas of mint, fennel, and a faint floral cherry.  Peppery on the palate, it had a bracing acidity and a short, clean finish, all hall-marks of a cool-climate red."

~Meg Houston Maker,
Edible Green Mountains