vinoteca + frasca


In Italian, frasca means branch.  As long ago as Roman times, farms growing food and wine would hang out a branch, often a fir bough, from the front door to show that they were open for serving and selling wine.  Often a few baskets of wild greens, shelled cooking beans, ears of corn, or ripe and fragrant melons would be set out on a table.  Those who stopped in for a small glass of wine or to take wine away could also take the makings for dinner.  

In Italian vinoteca means a wine library, a collection of bottles, often comprised of verticals showing many different vintages of wine from the same vineyard parcel or cuvee of parcels.  While we only opened our doors back in 2010, we have begun to compile a library of our wines from previous vintages.  We also have a wine book library begun by a close friend who had curated a beautiful collection of wine texts, often first editions, published since the 1920's to the present.  

Throughout the year we host occasional farm suppers, tastings and celebrations.  We can pretty much always find a reason to raise our glasses.  

We invite you to come visit us at the farm during these festivities when we hang our branches outside the winery door,  when you can come taste wines, peruse through the wine book library and eat of our gardens, and perhaps leave for home with a basket of radicchio, French green beans, or bunch of peonies or wild flowers along with a bottle of wine.  Please sign-up for our newsletter for dates and information.