mt. hunger road
barnard, vermont
m: 802.291.1295
             small farm--garden,  orchard,  and vineyard--is located on Mount Hunger at the edge of the Chateauguay and in the Piedmont chain of hills in Barnard, Vermont.  Here we grow natural wine and ciders.  Our land has been part of small homestead farming for over two hundred years. On the farm, we attend to the care and observation of our native terroir, a whole-farm and diverse agriculture where we are not only growing wine, but also vegetables, fruits, nuts, flowers, and herbs for our restaurant kitchen.

In 2008, we planted the first vines of our young vineyard in a south-east-facing meadow.  Already gracing the farm were several old orchard apples, but at the same time we planted the first block of the vineyard, we also planted new orchard trees.  The old garage, original to our property, eventually gave way to a sunken stone  garden with raised vegetable beds made from the old cedar walls and roof of the garage.  All our tables for the vinoteca are made from the old garage’s cedar boards as well. 

That old garage has given itself up to new life and a new form.  Our vinoteca is stocked with our second la garagista vintage wines from 2011 (2010 is already sold out).  Our joint project with Eden Ice Cider , Orleans, an aperatif dry cider infused with herbs, is available in Vermont, New York City, Maine, and Boston as well as on the farm and at other locations. 

Visitors are welcome to tour the vineyard and gardens and to taste and procure our wines and ciders.  Please call or e-mail for an appointment. Our wines are currently available at our  restaurant and wine bar osteria pane e well as on the farm.